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St Johna - Fendira

The southern Red Sea is renowned for its incredible reefs that are home to both hard and soft corals in pristine condition and pelagics in great numbers. There are many species of shark, including hammerheads which can be found in schools. Other impressive marine encounters may be made with pods of dolphins, schools of bumphead parrotfish and the occasional turtle. The area is home to a selection of wrecks, but undoubtedly the reefs - and their associated life - are the thing that attracts divers. Perhaps the most famous of the dive sites in the region is Elphinstone Reef, a deep coral wall and drift dive that is best seen early in the morning to increase the chance of sighting the schools of hammerheads frequently found here by divers.

St Johna - Fendira

Dive Sites

Gotta Kebir

Gotta Kebir

Means in translation "Big reef". Name was given to this reef because of its size in relation to the other reefs in this area.

Points of attraction are here dramatic wall and caves with black corals.

In depth of 14 metres you can see the entrance of the small cave. The cave system is very simple and almost a perfect U turn inside the reef. 

At the right times of the year, Mantas are also seen.



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